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How To Play

The game is designed as two site competitive game using network communication. The competition is focused on the speed and timing of the play rather than strategy or skill. Since most of the participants are playing only once during the presentation, and play-time is restricted to 10 minutes, the player's learning curve in the aspect of skill is limited. Therefore the interaction is planed as micro-level interaction scheme with moment-to-moment choices of players rather than macro-level interaction scheme concentrating on the accumulation of micro-level choices, which requires a significantly larger curve of experience.

The game control, meaning the direction of the ship, the speed of the ship as well as the aiming of the grabbing arm, is assigned to three individual physical interfaces controlled by three players at each site. The players' choices are made on a micro-level, allowing the non-expert players to manage the game play. The movement of the space ship is an accumulation of three players' actions, which requires choices made in macro-level game play through communication and collaboration in-between the users.

The reward is given as money (score) as the players collect the space trash. Each site is represented as space ship in the game, which can bump into the other players' ship in order to disturb a controlled movement.